Options for repairing a damaged foundation

Before hiring contractors to repair your damaged foundation, carry out comprehensive research on various options you can use to repair your foundation. There are many options in the market since the options vary with the topography of the region and what conditions are needed in the site for a repair to occur. Choose an option that suits you and affordable. 

In this article, a list of popular methods is discussed that will repair your foundation to the best.

Foundation Damage On A House
  1. Concrete pier foundation repair.

Most companies use poured in place method to construct most concrete piers before construction of other structures commences. These constructions can also be used in the repair period and is a preferred method before the invention of a hydraulic driven steel pier. This method offers a permanent foundation repair despite having some demerits. It is costly because you will need to drill rigs to your house, and you must dig out a lot of dirt from the piers holes, thus making cleaning a problematic job.

  1. Steel piers

The introduction of this method led to a change in the whole process of foundation repair. This process is time costly, and the disturbance caused on the construction site is minimum than the time and distractions caused by traditional concrete piers. The steel piers have advanced into being more technical and require data-driven installation.

  1. High-density polyurethane foam.

When you are preparing your slab, the repair is simplified by using high polyurethane foam by injecting the foam on a checkerboard that occupies approximately six feet in the middle of the area to be repaired. This technique has become a market place driven product because of its relatively low price and the limited time it takes to repair the affected area.  You are advised to be cautious because if this foam ducts pass through, the floor might seep and clog pipes. Performing a plumbing test is necessary before you inject the foam to be sure that there are no possibilities of leaks occurring in the drain lines.

┬áIn a nutshell, if you are considering options for an upcoming foundation repair, then you should take into consideration the possibilities discussed above because they offer the best for your floor foundation and saves you money and time. For information or any assistance with your home’s foundation in Colorado Springs, Colorado or anywhere along the frontrange, you can contact foundation contractors Colorado Springs. They provide free of charge assessments for home buyers.